Academic editing

My major work activity is editing academic articles. Researchers in Germany, Europe and beyond email me manuscripts that they have written in English.  My job is to ensure that the English is clear and correct, both linguistically and academically.  Read more:

Coaching and teaching

I commenced my career as a university lecturer in Economics and then in International Business and Cross Cultural Management. Since moving to Germany, I have specialised in a series of high-level courses on Business English at the University of Münster. These include English for Marketing, English for Economists and English for Communication Science. I also teach a course in Presentation and Communication.  Furthermore, I have done a substantial amount of business and linguistic consulting – in fact a combination of the two – for managers.


Apart from the editing, I do some journalistic work in the financial and general management fields. Both are very stimulating and essentially unlimited fields with enormous journalistic potential.

Samples of my work can be found here:

Representation for financial and investment claims

In conjunction with my financial journalism, I also offer a service to help people who have lost money through mismanagement, misselling and the like. I am able to provide very clear, accurate documents on what went wrong and how it should be put right. I can also provide financial evidence of various kinds to support the claim.