Editing of Academic Manuscripts

Over the last 12 years, I have specialized in editing academic manuscripts. I offer an exceptionally comprehensive, fully professional editing service, mainly of business and economics texts, but in several other areas of the social sciences as well.

I ensure that each sentence is both linguistically and academically clear and precise. That is, I provide a text which is optimally formulated in terms of sentence construction, word order and word selection. I also take responsibility for delivering a text which conveys the meaning as intended by the author/s.

Where appropriate, I draw the attention of the authors to any issues I think they should clarify, elaborate or rethink. Therefore, my own business-related and/or general academic and intellectual input is often substantial, taking the form of numerous small (and often more substantial) stylistic improvements and suggestions relating to the clarity and precision of the text.

I have a reputation for reliability, meeting deadlines and keeping clients informed on progress. Furthermore, I receive constant praise for my clear and precise use of language. I am happy to send you samples of my work.

I also translate from German to English. Short translations are seldom a problem, but I generally no longer have time for full-length academic articles.

Academic and Journalistic Background

In addition to my editing work, I have published extensively and internationally for many years in a variety of business and economics journals and magazines. I have also written a substantial number of articles as a management and financial journalist for leading magazines and newspapers in the English speaking world.

My teaching has covered the fields of Economics, Marketing, International business, General Management, Cross-Cultural management, Presentation and Communication. I have also taught specialist courses on English for Professional Purposes in the fields of Marketing, Economics, Psychology and Communication Science.

Finally, I have translated many academic and other texts from German into English.