My journalistic work evolved out of my management research and teaching. As an academic in New Zealand, I found that some of my research was of considerable interest to the broader business community. I approached the National Business Review in Auckland about my current work on globalization, and they published it. That led to many other articles that extended way beyond my university research. My journalistic career had been launched.  From the start and to the present, I have found journalism particularly fascinating and rewarding.

After moving to Europe in 1999, I started working for the Daily Telegraph and other newspapers in the UK in the general management area. In 2001, the stock market crash got me interested in investment management – and mismanagement. I subsequently commenced a parallel journalistic career in personal finance, starting with Bloomberg Money, the Financial Times and various other outlets.  Investopedia and I discovered each other in 2006, after which I started to write far more in the investment area.  I have written over 60 articles for them to date.

More recently, I became interested in academic journalism as well. This has led to some very stimulating articles for Times Higher Education.