Presentation Training and Seminars 

English for Academic Research (EAR)
Since moving to Germany, my teaching specialty is high-level courses on Academic and Business English at the University of Muenster (Münster) and at other universities in Germany and beyond. These include English for Marketing, English for Economists, English for Communication Science and English for Psychologists.  The basic idea is to go through samples of work from members of the class and also to use books and other sources on academic English.

More details, course outlines and examples of teaching material, as well as feedback from participants, can be obtained on request.


Conference Training
From experience, I know that most non-native-speaking academics make between 5 and 10 pronunciation errors in a 15-20 minute presentation, and some of these errors are of course repeated, which is truly embarrassing! There are also generally between about 15 and 20 language mistakes in what is said verbally and in what is on the PowerPoint slides (also sometimes with repeated errors).

Such errors and suboptimal formulations significantly lower the amount of a presentation that is understood, and also of course do not create a good impression. I can point all these out and help with other aspects of presentation too, such as the use of voice, body language etc.   These are essentially “presentation skills”. This aspect can be done by Skype, phone call, or in person. I can check and correct PowerPoint slides by email as with my academic editing.

Conference training makes financial (and academic) sense in every case. It must cost between about €700 and €2000 to go to a conference, depending on whether it is in Germany (in one’s home country), non-German Europe or beyond. In one roughly 45-minute session (for a 15 minute presentation), I can point out literally all linguistic and pronunciation errors, as well as advise on the presentation skills.  My charges are minimal, almost irrelevant, in relation to the cost of attending a conference.

Again, samples of conference training corrections and improvements can be obtained on request.