“Are PhD students being served?” (for ‘Times Higher Education’)

“Are PhD students being served?”  by Brian Bloch

My article on Problems with supervision in Germany

was published today, 13. October 2011 for the Times Higher Education online.

An extract:

“German universities may be focused on improving their research, but doctoral students have highlighted serious flaws in their teaching.
The Deutsche Universitätszeitung (German University Newspaper), or the “duz“, has published two articles, one recently and one a few years ago, on problems associated with doctoral supervision.
A study reported by the duz in 2004, revealed that although two-thirds of students felt they were generally well supervised and did not regret doing a doctorate, serious shortcomings were nonetheless conspicuous.”  Read more>>

From where I sit – Gems in the research scrapheap (for ‘Times Higher Education’)

T.H.E.“From where I sit – Gems in the research scrapheap” by Brian Bloch

My article was published today, 1. September 2011 for the Times Higher Education online.

An extract:

“An English-language journal has recently been launched in Germany that focuses on “failed” research. That is, it publishes material rejected by mainstream journals because it did not yield the desired results or was in some way unsatisfactory. However, the work is still useful in its own way and worth reading.”  Read more>>